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The private-sector employee language training program helps its participants attain the language objectives set by their company’s management. In a context of globalization and business decompartmentalization, learning a second language is an absolute necessity. That is why we include in our programs courses such as business management, politics, economics, negotiation and dispute resolution within the framework of a socio-constructive approach.

This language training program is made up of three streams:

  1.   French courses based on communicative proficiency,
  2.  Customized French courses, and
  3.  TOEIC preparation courses.

For each of the three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced), these modules cover oral expression, reading comprehension and written expression in business language. This program is available on a part-time or full-time basis.


Our mission with regard to private-sector employees is to:

  1.  deliver workplace language courses that meet companies’ language expectations;
  2.  facilitate learning of reading comprehension;
  3.  facilitate learning of targeted practical grammar;
  4.  facilitate learning of conversation through the communicative approach;
  5. facilitate the enrichment of employees’ occupational vocabulary.


By the end of their language training, clients should be able to:

  1. interact with company partners in their vernacular;
  2. join in conversation with complete assurance;
  3. participate, in a relevant and comfortable manner, in business negotiations and meetings;
  4. communicate fluently with peers and customers;
  5. lead business meetings in the second language;
  6. read and write reports, messages, text messages, memoranda, etc.

Adult learning approach

Our adult learning approach is based on results obtained from our research on second language learning . It is characterized by a multidimensional approach, the main axes of which are:

  • an approach centred on the client and his or her language needs;
  • an approach anchored in the cognitive sciences;
  • an approach rooted in adult education and youth special education;
  • an approach based on a rigorous selection of teaching aids.

Linguistically, we have designed aids for teaching the French as a second language (PFL2) . We draw our resources from the most recent language training research and other experimental sources.

We have employed this method to create a successful learner profile which facilitates the evaluation of our learners, whatever their learning style or profile.

Training modules

The courses  is composed of 10 modules:

  • Module 1 = Beginner 1: 100 hours
  • Module 2 = Beginner 2: 100 hours
  • Module 3 = Beginner 3: 100 hours
  • Module 4 = Intermediate 1: 100 hours
  • Module 5 = Intermediate 2: 100 hours
  • Module 6 = Intermediate 3: 100 hours
  • Module 7 = Advanced 1: 100 hours
  • Module 8 = Advanced 2: 100 hours
  • Module 9 = Advanced 3: 100 hours
  • Module 10 = Language skill upgrading: 100 hours

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