Reach For It!


Sky Learning. is composed of a team of academic learning advisors, second-language teachers with an interest in learning problems,  We provide the following services:

  1.  Academic tutoring at all levels (from primary to secondary)
  2. Language training for public service employees, diplomats, entrepreneurs, public servants

Our services are flexible, effective and adapted to our clients’ needs. In most cases, they are also customized to respond appropriately to our clients’ learning styles and training requirements. Our clients’ objectives are our priorities.


To provide you with quality service that meets your learning objectives:

  • We listen closely to you to get a good understanding of your needs;
  • We are open to your new ideas, so we can work with you better;
  • We approach every task with enthusiasm, so as to attain the best possible result;
  • We show empathy in our work, because we are dealing with human beings, not machines;
  • We treat your needs with integrity;
  • We provide you with appropriate coaching services;
  • We are flexible in accommodating to your personal situation;
  • We prioritize your learning  objectives;
  • We welcome you with open arms!

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