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Federal Government Programs

To acquire second-language skills, improve ability to speak and write French, and pass official-language evaluations, Sky Learning  offers four training programs for public service employees.

  • Level AAA
  • Level BBB
  • Level CCC
  • Refresher language training

Level AAA program

The AAA profile is designed around three levels of competency: reading comprehension, written expression and oral proficiency. The teaching outcomes of this profile are as follows:

Reading comprehension: According to the Public Service Commission, level A in reading comprehension is the minimum level of second-language ability for positions that require comprehension of texts on topics of limited scope.

Persons reading at this level can fully understand very simple texts, grasp the main theme of texts on familiar topics, and read and understand simple points of information such as dates, numbers or names from relatively more complex texts in order to perform the routine tasks of a job.

Written expression: According to the Public Service Commission, clients at level A in written expression have the ability to write limited units of information in the second language, and the ability to write isolated words, phrases, and simple statements or questions on very familiar topics using words related to time, place or person.

Oral proficiency: According to the Public Service Commission, clients at level A in oral proficiency can understand most of a speech that deals with concrete and routine topics and is delivered slowly and clearly in standard speech; make themselves understood in short contributions, although pauses and false starts are very evident; talk about their routine activities and handle a simple question-and-answer exchange; have sufficient basic vocabulary and grammatical structures to conduct routine transactions involving familiar situations and topics. Structures and vocabulary borrowed from another language may interfere with the clarity of the message. Pronunciation requires close attention from the listener, but there are no long stretches that are unclear.

Teaching Method

We provide language training services to public service employees in their workplace, for purposes of:

  • language skill upgrading
  • refresher language training
  • test preparation at levels B and C.

We specialize in the French as second language program (PFL2). Our teaching resources are drawn from the 40 training objectives and four modules of the Canada School of Public Service, as well as the latest research findings in linguistics, psycholinguistics and andragogy.

  • Communicative approach
  • Adult learning guidelines
  • Learning assistance

Communicative approach

The communicative approach aims to:

a) encourage clients to communicate in the language being taught;

b) maximize the time that clients spend actually speaking;

c) have the subject matter practised in communication situations that are of significance to the learners;

d) select a variety of activities that are meaningful to learners;

e) use authentic documents;

f) strike a healthy balance in the correction of errors, based on the objective of the activity and the learner’s needs.

Adult learning approach

Our adult learning approach is based on results obtained from our research on second language learning and on personalized metacognitive support. It is characterized by a multidimensional approach, the main axes of which are:

  1. a socio-cognitive and socio-constructive approach;
  2. an approach centred on the client and his or her language needs;
  3. an approach anchored in the cognitive sciences;
  4. an approach rooted in adult education and youth special education;
  5. an approach based on a rigorous selection of teaching aids.

Linguistically, we have designed aids for teaching the French as a second language (PFL2)  programs. We draw our resources from the most recent language training research and other experimental sources.

We have employed this method to create a successful learner profile which facilitates the evaluation of our clients, whatever their learning style or profile.

Learning Assistance

This program is reserved for clients with serious learning disabilities. The courses are custom-designed to meet clients’ needs after they undergo more extensive assessment of their learning challenges.

Administrative support

Sky Learning accept applications for training made by telephone, but written confirmation must follow within two business days of the verbal application. Sky Learning will do its best to respond to all inquiries by email within 24 business hours.

Note: Courses available days and evenings

If you are interested in any of the above services,please send us a message at : or fill out our registration form or call 6136042819

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